A Content Management System for the Life Sciences

Geoseeq is a Content Mangement System designed specifically for the Life Sciences. It is designed to help researchers manage projects, track data and metadata, and to find new interesting patterns in their data. Geoseeq integrates cloud storage services (like Wasabi S3) with High Performance Compute Systems to allow researchers to manage and process their data across its full lifecycle.

Geoseeq Key Features

  • Organize Biological Data and Projects
  • Low Cost Storage of Petabytes of Data
  • Search, Visualize, and Compare Datasets
  • Label Your data with Metadata

At its core Geoseeq employs a simple flexible data model which can support a wide variety of project types. Individual samples contain both raw data and analyses. Samples can be grouped together to form Sample Groups which may also contain data and analyses relevant to all the samples together. Organizations control samples and groups and Users may belong to organizations. More detail on this data model may be found below.